About Us

About us

David + Christine

We  have been married for over 38 years and have 3 grown up sons,  Paul, Marc and Adam and our great joy is being “Nana & Papa” to 4 wonderful grandchildren – Lily, Abbie, Annabelle and Jacob. We moved to the Norfolk Broads area in 2017 and are kind of semi-retired and love pouring out our time & energy into seeing “His Kingdom come”.


Armed with a Bachelor of Divinity from King’s College London and a teaching qualification from what is now Roehampton University, I embarked on a career teaching Religious Studies in a variety of senior schools on & off for some 30 years.

I was then “head hunted” to be the Education Liaison Manager for an International Aid Charity. Visiting impoverished townships in Africa was life changing.  I eventually left this post to look after my elderly parents who are now having a party in heaven.

Alongside my decades of passion for the prophetic ministry, I have been pastoring people in various leadership capacities for over 30 years. My passion for seeing people live whole & free, almost inevitably, led me to one of the first Bethel Sozo Training events in the UK back in 2008. Our church leader suggested that some of us might like to attend a training by Dawna, Teresa and Faith Blatchford. So about 35 people from Church went to a four day Training  in Sevenoaks that covered all of the Sozo tools. I had my first Sozo there and God dealt with the unhealthy emotional soul ties I had with one of my sons. That happened on the Thursday and my son dramatically came back to God on the following Sunday.

Since then, having being appointed as UK Country Facilitator / Director in 2013 I have thoroughly enjoyed training church teams and mentoring Sozo practitioners across the UK and occasionally internationally. What I love about Bethel Sozo is the freedom that it facilitates and seeing people more intimately connected to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is a joy to see people leaving their Sozo session free from the lies that have shut them down and the unhealed wounds that have held them back.


I got my first job in Human Resources almost by accident – and spent the next 30 years discovering what is was all about. As much as I enjoyed being Learning & Development Director for a national business a greater opportunity presented itself. I left HR to become CEO of an International Aid Charity providing computers to schools & colleges in Africa with over 1 million students using computers we supplied.

We have always been involved in church ministry of one sort or another but it stepped up a gear when we moved to Norfolk to be semi-retired.

My main priority is supporting Christine in her UK Sozo leadership responsibilities. Alongside that, I continue to partner with churches, “supernatural schools”, conferences and other ministries with preaching, training, leadership development etc. There is always an emphasis on the prophetic in whatever it is I am doing.

For decades my core passion has been to “equip the saints for works of service”. Nothing excites me more that seeing people do what they have never done before or didn’t think they would ever do.

In my spare time I do commercial consultancy & training with a range of public sector organisations including county councils, government bodies and the NHS.


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