UK Conference

Hosting the UK Sozo Conference

In past years joined by Ruth Burnham, we have hosted the UK Sozo Conference. There have been 4 of these, we tend to hold them every two years – not wanting to get an the annual bandwagon! Our purpose at such gatherings is to “equip the saints for works of service” – to quote Paul the Apostle. This means that the emphasis has always, and will continue to be training.

We have been joined in previous years by many friends from the USA including

  • Dawna DeSilva
  • Teresa Liebscher
  • Yvonne Martinez
  • Margaret Nagib
  • Katie & Jeffrey Barsch
  • Laurie Westwood

More recently, as the UK has matured in its understanding & appreciation of inner healing we have been thrilled to host more British Voices including

  • Liz Gregg,
  • Darrell and Anthea Cocup
  • Nick Nicholson
  • Clare and Mervyn Suffield
  • Tandy Ruoff
  • Lori and Jess Arnott
  • Priscilla Smith
  • Paul Manwaring
  • and of course ……… David and Christine West

You can get free downloads for many of the conference talks from Bethel Sozo UK here.

Typically around 400 members of the Sozo community come together for these 2 day gatherings

Image of a wooden cross decorated with lights and flowing fabrics from the Conference's Encounter Room

At the 2021 conference, as we were coming out of Covid there were 2 new aspects

  • None of our American friends joined us due to Covid related restrictions
  • Fewer delegates joined us – around 240 for the 2 days. Lower delegate numbers allowed us to layout the venue in a café style rather than packing delegates into tight rows.

Obviously having overseas speakers gives the UK Sozo community the opportunity to hear people “live” that they might not normally hear.
That said – the overwhelming feedback was positive around 2 aspects

  • How good it was to hear British Voices
  • How much they preferred the café style layout.

Looking forward, we will explore including overseas speakers via Zoom. This will save on their travel time and reduce our costs.

As soon as we know what we are doing next (if anything, you never know!) in terms of a future conference we will let our mailing list know. You can sign up for the UK Bethel Sozo newsletter here.