What is Sozo?

What is Sozo?

Christine is the UK Director, in Sozo-speak she is called a Country Facilitator, for Sozo in the UK.

She was appointed to this responsibility almost a decade ago.

Her role is to;

  • Be an ambassador for Sozo in the UK
  • Train emerging church Sozo teams, together with a UK network of approved Trainers
  • Mentor existing Sozo teams
  • Together with Teresa Liebscher (joint ministry founder) support the emerging Sozo ministry in other nations until they are established with their own leadership

Christine is supported in all of this by her husband David, who has responsibility for charitable status, governance and all things organisational – as well as conducting Sozo sessions in his spare time.

The ministry has its own website which will tell you everything you need to know about the ministry. If you would like to receive the ministry newsletter (3 or 4 a year) you can sign up here